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My Books

For years, I published my novels through my own publishing company, Sunacumen Press (click on the tab "Publishing" above for more information). In time, I began publishing books for other people and decided to take my new novels through traditional publishers (click on "The Rebel Nun" above to see information about my forthcoming novel, THE REBEL NUN). Below you can see the nine previous novels that are still in print. (click on an image to go to the novel's site on Amazon.com). 

Hacienda: A South American Romance

Three Iowa women buy and restore a dilapidated hacienda in Bolivia, bringing them face-to-face with corruption and a serial killer.

Professional Lies

A former LPGA player, injured, becomes a high-end escort to raise money for her charity for young girls, risking her reputation and her marriage.


An astrophysicist at the end of her academic career seeks a new direction, interrupted by the murder of her husband in her own basement. She becomes the prime suspect.

Gracie's Revolution

A Johnson Station Novel:

Gracie fights to retain the town's library's collection in the face of her boss, a politician who wants to censor books.

Jackie's Campaign

A Johnson Station Novel: A former English teacher joins the mayoral campaign of a former love, pushing her to end an already tarnished marriage. 

Marcia's Revenge

A Johnson Station Novel:

Passed over for a promotion at the town's bank, Marcia gets her revenge while joining a campaign to revitalize the town.

One Way to Succeed

A Palm Springs Boutique Hotels Romance:

Amy's plans to advance are in jeopardy when she and her boss can't resist their mutual attraction.

No Way to Win

A Palm Springs Boutique Hotels


Sandra seeks a job at Casa de Buen Dias, but the boss, Brian, is interested in her for less than professional reasons.

Drive for Dough

A hacker threatens to publish the credit card number of Lena's customers just as she's battling with the investors who already doubt her leadership.